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2021 Foster & Adoption Summit

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Summit Description

Fostering and Adopting During the Pandemic

Come join us on February 27, 2021 from 10:00 a.m.- 2:30 p.m. for an exciting and informative day of learning and development especially designed for Foster, Adoption and Level 1 caregivers. This year, we have an exciting lineup of workshops to provide tools and strategies on how to manage fostering and adopting during the pandemic. It all kicks off with the launch of our Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Training Initiative presented by David Brown, President of Family Initiative Inc. This year we will be honoring our Nominees for Foster Parent of the Year, Adoption Parent of the Year, and Level 1 Caregiver of the Year! The day will be filled with raffles and giveaways so don’t miss out! Register Early!

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Presented by TBRI Practitioners Anjal Van Drie & David Brown

TBRI is an attachment-based trauma-informed intervention designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. TBRI uses Empowering Principles to address physical needs, Connecting Principles for attachment needs, and Correcting Principles to disarm fear-based behaviors. While the intervention is based on years of attachment, sensory processing, and neuroscience research, the heartbeat of TBRI is connection.

Topics for Breakout Forums

  1. All About Connections

    Presented by Demarco K Mott, CitrusFCN Youth Advisory Council

    A panel of current and former foster youth will share in a conversation style what connections mean to them, how connections are assets them, and some ways to connect youths to lifelong connections.

  2. LGB & TGD Children in Child Welfare Basics

    Presented by Noemi Marquez

    Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual (LGB) and Transgender/Gender Diverse (TGD) youth are overrepresented in foster care, however, their specific needs and experiences are often overlooked or ignored leading to discrimination and marginalization by professionals and caregivers. 1 hour. This presentation will help attendees understand the alphabet soup of gender and orientation and how this presents within child welfare. Participants will achieve increased knowledge of the risks, safety issues, and specific mental health and basic medical needs specific to LGB & TGD youth/ children and how the professional’s and caregiver’s interactions can help improve outcomes.

  3. Faith and Fostering

    Presented by Fernando Gonzalez, President Hope4Kids

    The Faith and Foster Workshop demonstrates the impact of faith in the fostering process, not only for the child but the for the entire family involved. Example, according to the Hoge Intrinsic Religiosity Index, in a case study, 93% of the participants belonged to a congregation, and 86% of those participants attended weekly religious services. In this study, those that attended church regularly were related to lowered stress levels in adoptive parenting (according to Kathleen Belenger PhD, LMSW-AP Austin State University.) It also demonstrated in the positive controlling of child behaviors. In the workshop, we will be supplying various books and resources that will encourage the Caregivers and prepare them for many challenging situations that they will face. We believe that these teachings will promote the achievement of greater success in fostering children, will help retain Foster Parents, and help their families through the process.

  4. Discover the Educational Resources and Partners Available to Help Support Your Child’s Education

    Presented by Sylvia Godoy MDCPS & Dayorshia Attis, Citrus FCN Education Supervisor

    This presentation will be conducted by a Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ panel of experts who will provide a summary of educational topics that include academic requirements for K-12 students; school-site student services support and assistance for academic, career, and college planning; and an overview of early childhood and exceptional student education programs. The presentation will also include a question-and-answer session.

  5. Meditation 101 Simple Ways To Go From Stress to Zen Presented by Christine White, Statewide Director DCF Office Of Well-being

    The goals of this workshop are to allow participants to:

    • Understand the physical and mental benefits of meditation.

    • Explore different ways to meditate and achieve greater focus and relaxation.

    • Learn how to overcome obstacles and common pitfalls.

    • Appreciate the power of your breath.

    • Develop your own personalized daily practice that works for you.

  6. Social Media and Foster Families

Presented by Xiomara Turner, MSW; CWLC Program Manager of Licensing and Beatriz Lopez de Martinez, M.A.; Florida Department of Children and Families Communications Director

Understanding how kids and teens use social media can be challenging for parents. As adults, we do not communicate in the same way, and we often do not use the same platforms. There are many advantages and challenges foster parents may encounter when using social media in their role as parents. In this workshop, we will discuss issues you may encounter when it comes to social media. We will also discuss social media guidelines for foster parents as well as tips and tools to help your child minimize negative experiences and maximize the positive opportunities that social media has to offer. Finally, we will discuss how to establish rules when it comes to social media usage and tips on monitoring your child’s social media usage to keep them safe.

  1. Trauma During a Pandemic

Presented by Dr. Allison Golden

This breakout forum will look at what is trauma in addition to an overview of Trauma-Informed Parenting and the signs and symptoms of Trauma and the impact of Trauma on the brain. During this training you will also gain insight to some Trauma-informed parenting tips.

Come join us on February 27, 2021 from 10:00 am- 2:30pm for an exciting and informative day of learning and development especially designed for Foster, Adoption and Level 1 caregivers.

Sat Feb 27 2021 10:00:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

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